A land invaded by nations at different times and all has left their mark through their religion. All lives here in harmony togetherness, share thoughts and celebrate the religious festivity of each other and share the joy.


We have centuries old Buddhist monasteries, Khyang, Hindu temples, Muslim mosques, Christian, Churches, even Shik Gurudwar. There are Saints, from the Hindus, Buddhist, Muslim this land has produced. Atisha Dipankara, the most renowned Buddhist preacher, who carried the Buddhist teaching to Tibet and China, Many Muslim saints, Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali, Hazrat Shah Jalal, Shah Paran and many more at different corner of Bangladesh, you find their presence. Baba Loknath from the Hindus, and many Hindu religious pilgrim sites prevail in this land. It is there in the travel description of Hiuen Tsang, a Chinese traveler, who in his account mentioned about the visit of Lord Buddha to a place where now remain the ruins of Vasu Bihara. Guru Nanak of the Shik religion visited Dhaka and stayed in the Gurudwar in Dhaka. The sufis also kept their foot prints in Bangladesh and the saint singers of Bangladesh is an off shoot of the Sufism. Christianity came to Bangladesh with the Portuguese and there are some Old Catholic churches and also Armenian Church.